Each week the lecture is given on an alternating schedule to accommodate the range of speakers' and participants' time zones. 

Below we provide the time table as it now stands. It will be updated as and when necessary.


At the end of each half-year session, we will host an online discussion forum for more in-depth discussion than is possible or practical after each weekly lecture.

Schedule A

  • 11:00 New York
  • 16:00 London
  • 24:00 Beijing

Schedule B

  • 03:00 New York
  • 08:00 London
  • 16:00 Beijing

Time Table

January 19, 2022, Prasanta Samyal, Variation in the North East Indian Monsoon precipitation and its impact on C3-C4 plants during the late Holocene (watch recording on YouTube)

January 26, 2022, Sergio Ando, The Himalayan sedimentary record stored in the Indian Ocean: a mineralogical and petrographic perspective (watch recording on YouTube)

February 2, 2022, Kenji Matsuzaki, Major re-organisation in marine ecosystem during the Late Miocene Global Cooling caused by changes in major monsoonal mode (watch recording on YouTube)

February 9, 2022, Mahyar Mohtadi, Quaternary Environmental History of Indonesia. (watch recording on YouTube)

February 23, 2022. Cristiano Chiess, Orbital and millennial-scale changes in tropical South American precipitation: causes and consequences. (watch recording on YouTube)

March 2, 2022. Yoshimi Kubota. Local and remote drivers of East Asian millennial-scale climate; monsoon proxy comparison (marine vs. speleothem).  (watch recording on YouTube)

March 16, 2022. Kana Nagashima, East Asian summer monsoon-Westerly jet connection at millennial-timescale.  (watch recording on YouTube)

March 30, 2022. Xiaoli Zhou, A proxy view on Cenozoic ocean chemistry and continental weathering. (watch recording on YouTube)

April 6, 2022. Yama Dixit, Indian monsoon evolution after the last glacial period spanning the entire Holocene. (watch recording on YouTube)

April 13, 2022. Rajeev Saraswat, Decadal to millennial variability in the Indian monsoon and its global implications.  (watch recording on YouTube)

April 27, 2022. Hema Achyuthan, Monsoon Dynamics (Southwest and Northeast) and their impact on the Quaternary landscape evolution of Coastal Tamil Nadu, India. (watch recording on YouTube)

May 11, 2022. Francisco Pausata, The Green Sahara and its climatic consequence: from past to future. (watch on YouTube)

May 25, 2022, Raj K. Singh, Evolution and variability in Asian Monsoon system since the Late Miocene. (watch on YouTube)


August 31, 2022. Pawan Govil, Understanding the Indian monsoon with proxy records from the Northern Indian Ocean. (watch on YouTube)

September 8, 2022. Bob Raynolds, Evolution of fluvial systems in the Mio-Pliocene of the Pakistani foreland basin:  evidence from the Siwalik Group. (watch on YouTube)

September 14, 2022. Dharmendra Pratap Singh, A new perspective on the Indian monsoon and related processes during the late Quaternary. (watch on YouTube)

September 21, 2022. Paul Betka, Late Cenozoic Tectonic and Climate Interactions Recorded within the Ancestral Brahmaputra Delta (watch on YouTube)

September 28, 2022. Coralie Zorzi, When northeast India oscillated between desert and savannah (watch on YouTube)

October 5, 2022. Catherine Badgley, Mammalian faunal change over the Miocene of Pakistan and environmental changes (watch on YouTube)

October 19, 2022. Sudhir Bhadra, Indian monsoon variability in the Pleistocene as recorded by the planktic foraminifera from the Bay of Bengal (watch on YouTube)

October 26, 2022. Praveen K. Mishra, Asynchronous Indian summer monsoon (ISM) or regional climate: a N-S transect over India (watch on YouTube)

November 2, 2022. Anta-Clarisse Sarr, Paleogeography and Neogene monsoon winds and rainfall evolution (watch on YouTube)

November 9, 2022. Torsten Haberzettl, Monsoon on the roof of the word - the road to an ICDP drilling at Lake Nam Co (watch on YouTube).

November 16, 2022. Mathias Vuille, South American monsoon reconstruction for the last millennium using isotopic proxies (watch on Youtube).

November 23, 2022. Alex Webb, The evolution of Himalayan tectonics models and their implications for South Asian monsoon development (watch on YouTube).

November 30, 2022. Clara T. Bolton, Past Biological Export Productivity and the South Asian Monsoon – A Tale of Two Drivers (watch on YouTube).

December 7, 2022. André Bahr, Past Impacts of Ocean Circulation Changes on Precipitation in Tropical South America - Lessons for the Future?, Schedule AWatch on Zoom or via Live Stream on YouTube.

December 14, 2022. AGU meeting

End of Year Break

January 18, 2023. Thure Cerling, TBD, Schedule A

January 25, 2023. Alicia Hou, Identifying past spatial rainfall patterns in South America using a clustering approach, Schedule B

February 1, 2023. Barbara Carrapa, Continental record of Cenozoic paleoclimate from the Central Andes, Schedule A