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2023 Monsoon Seminar Series

Monsoons represent some of the most important weather phenomena and climate systems on Earth, of which the Asian monsoon is the largest and most intense on the planet today.


Summer rainfall is critical to the development and sustenance of human civilizations across continents now and in the past. Monsoons are often linked to regional tectonism, where summer rains in turn feed back on the evolution of the solid Earth.

In this seminar series we bring together some of the most active researchers investigating the controls and impact of the Asian, Indonesian, Australian and South American monsoons over geological and millennial timescales.

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The seminar series highlights the recent developments following a sustained campaign of scientific ocean drilling offshore, but also the newest developments within continental basins and lakes spanning the global monsoon domain.


Once a week we will have an online seminar through Zoom. See our Schedule and join our mailing list for details. The seminar series is open to all those interested in the geology of the monsoon.


Please feel free to tell your students, colleagues, advisors and all interested parties to attend.


We focus on atmospheric, oceanographic and continental aspects of this global phenomenon on a temporal dimension that goes beyond historical direct measurements. 

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